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"JMD Scales" is the major importers and marketer of weighing related electronic product in India, like load cell, Special purpose indicators and other electronic components. We are associated with well reputed supplers of the world, So that best quality product is delivered to our customer.

Digital load cells are basically a combination of analog load cell and an analog to digital converter mounted on the load cell itself. The "JMD Scales" Digital load cell are calibrated and are capable of transmitting the weight on the load cell in digital from.

No Corner Error

Every digital load is pre-calibratedv in the factory,So there is no corner error during installation or even with regular usage.

No calibration required

Digital Load cell are pre calibrated with weight and hence no calibration is required in the filed. Only a small corrective calibration may be required if there is major structure deformity.

Higher Accuracy

Each Digital Load cell has an individual A/D converter. This helps in system and hence a lower division size can be achieved leading to higher accuracy.
Long Distance

The output from a digital load cell is in digital from and hence the distance from weight bridge platform to weight indicator without any distortion in weight signal.
  Easy to install

Installation of Digital Load Cell is very simple and fast process. Even a non expert person can install it withiout any problem.
Easy field replaceability

Since the Digital Load cells are pre-calibrated in the factory, it can be easily replaced in the field without the hassle of scales calibration or corner error removal.
Better Performance & Protection

Appalto Digital load cell are equipped with better lighting & electrical protections. Even the problem of flickering does not exist in Appalto Digital Load Cell. Thus results in better performance of the load cells.
Cost Effective

Installation of Digital Load Cell save lots of time and effert, that results in saving of Labor and maintenance cost.
IIT Indicator for DLC

The special feature of "IIT" indicator is in automatic displaying of actual weight, with proper connections of Digital Load Cells, without calibration process in field. Since the Digital Load Cells give correct weight output, there is normally no requirement for field calibration or corner correction.

* long Distance between weighbridge room and structure up to 500 mt.
* Very simple installation procedure.
* No corner adjustment.
* No calibration required incase of Appalto Digital Load Cell.



* RATED LOAD                               :                30T
*TEMPERATURE RANGE             :               -30~+70C
*RATED OUPUT                              :                30000
*ZERO BALANCE                           :                0.1%F.S.
*A/D MODULE RESOLUTION       :                200000
*SAFE OVERLOAD                        :               150% F.S.
*DATA REFRESH RATE                :               50 Hz
*PROTECTION CLASS                  :                IP 68
*COMMUNI. BAUD RATE              :                9600 BPS
*INPUT VOLTAGE                           :                9~12V DC
*COMBINED ERROR                     :                 0.20% F.S.
*MAX INPUT VOLTAGE                 :                20V DC
*CREEP ERROR                             :                0.20% F.S.
*SIGNAL TRANS. DIST.                  :               1200 M
*TEMP. EFFECT SENSITIVITY     :                 0.20% F.S/10CS

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